Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Financial Data?

Our mission is to make it simple for you to retrieve your financial data and incorporate it into your favorite workflows, automation tools, and data management interfaces.

What We’re All About

Financial Integrations

  • 8000+ Banks & credit cards
  • Liabilities: mortgage, loans, 401Ks
  • Custom data integrations

Platforms / Destinations

  • Google Sheets
  • Airtable


  • PCI & SOC (1 ,2 & 3) Compliant
  • No access to users' financial credentials
  • Financial data is never saved on our servers

The Open-Banking Revolution

As many industries already understand, data can be leveraged and used in countless different ways to provide valuable insights and innovations. However, until now, banks and other financial institutions have kept financial data isolated and inaccessible.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to retrieve your financial data and sync it to your favorite workflows and automation tools to make better decisions.

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