Moneylogz Security Statement

Moneylogz is committed to keeping your data secure. We have created our systems from the ground up based on security and data protection best practices:

  1. We do not permanently store the data that you load using our data integrations. At no point does your data ever enter a backup.
  2. We cache data for the time required for us to serve you in an efficient manner. In almost all cases, data remains in short-lived, encrypted caches.
  3. While your data is on our systems or traveling between data sources and platforms, it is always strongly encrypted.

Contact if you have any questions or comments.

Addressing Common Concerns

Moneylogz cannot move money from your bank accounts. Moneylogz has read-only access to your linked financial accounts, therefore, Moneylogz software / servers / team cannot transfer money or otherwise change your account in any way, including changing passwords, creating accounts, moving money, or any other account-related action.

Moneylogz links to your bank securely via Plaid. Plaid is a leading software provider that enables anyone to connect their financial accounts to apps and services like Moneylogz. Nearly 1 out of 4 Americans have connected their bank accounts with Plaid – they are a reputable company trusted by millions. Read more about security and privacy at Plaid.

Moneylogz can’t see your banking credentials. Your banking credentials are securely sent directly to Plaid, so Moneylogz never sees those details. Once you have securely connected your account via Plaid, Moneylogz receives a read-only token corresponding to your account.

Moneylogz does not sell your data. Our business model is based on user subscriptions only. We do not sell or share user information in any way.

Your financial data is kept private. Moneylogz respects your privacy, so we will only access your spreadsheets or financial information if you give us explicit permission in writing, like asking us to view your spreadsheet during a support request.

Your financial information is encrypted. Moneylogz uses a secure SSL connection, and your data is protected using AES-256 encryption on AWS.